Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

It was at the beginning of 2020 that the idea of creating a brand around our small business came up – although we’ve been running the apartments since the Summer of 2016.

This, in my mind, would facilitate us in taking a few steps forward.

First, we had to come up with a name. It took a sleepless night. First in my mind came the main – or one of the main- reason behind the acquisition of our building; its beautiful 1930’s cement tiles. Then my heart was overwhelmed by all the stories, the tales, about the building’s acquisition, the renovation process, the decision to make it a Short-Term Rental destination, the excitement before the arrival of our first guest in August ’16 and then all the happy – and difficult, a few times- moments while hosting.

So, Tales in Tiles it was. In my mind, the combination of these two, apart from the obvious play on words, sums up all the tales to be told about the past but also, hopefully, about the future of this small, but so much loved, business.

Tales in Tiles


This is Stavroula calling from Athens, Greece.

Only 6 months ago, no way could I imagine I would be able to take a selfie like this. Let alone post it on Instagram.

Only 4 years ago, no way could I imagine I would be taking such a pleasure in hosting YOU people, from all over the world, in our 3 beautiful apartments in the center of Athens.

I am not alone in this venture.

With Rossina, we’ve met in November 2019, when I was looking for someone to help me with hosting.

I am not a big fun of self check-in and prefer to welcome every single guest we are having (although we now have to do it outside the building).

Running 3 apartments, with people arriving at all times of the day and all days of the week, me living about 30’ away and having to take care of the kids, I could definitely use some help. Rossina lives just round the corner from the apartments, she speaks English and French fluently, she is communicative and willing. Her art background also helped us come up with ideas and produce our little thank you gifts inhouse. Perfect match.
Having gone through a lot during this COVID-19 period, many difficulties, and so intense emotions, Rossina’s proved to be more than that to me.

We may have 20 years of age separating us, but I know now we share the same passion and values for life. And all the rest is just complementary.

Only 6 years ago, no way could I imagine there would be a time I would have dropped finance and corporate to pursue creativity and deep-down hidden dreams.

The journey hasn’t been easy. The main difficulty in tearing down the well-established image of the “strong”, corporate woman and replacing it with “something” new, more artistic in many ways, and yet unpretentious and more ME, was… Myself.

Only last night, I got to answer again to the question, coming from the wife of a friend: “why did you give up corporate”. I am not sure the “it wasn’t fulfilling anymore” answer convinced her or anyone around, but the:

“Here I am, in my mid 40’s, happier than ever – despite the difficult circumstances – in doing something I love”, definitely convinces me by now.

So excited to be sharing this with you, on-line, and even more, when you can make it, again or for the first time, to Athens.

Stavroula xxx